Digitization has heralded a new era of customer experience (CX). With today’s always-connected consumers seeking wholesome online journeys, businesses are embracing diverse technologies that deliver unmatched user experiences. E-signing is one such digital experience that organizations are rolling out to transform documentation processes, unlock process efficiencies, and turn customer interactions seamless. This authentication mechanism - that enables businesses to attach a code that acts as a signature - has emerged as the go-to method to ensure seamless customer experiences and instill digital trust in organizations. Not only that, companies that employ e-signatures in their collaboration systems attain higher capabilities while reducing bottlenecks, according to Aberdeen Research.

In this WP you will learn:

  • A case for digital signature.
  • How does digital signature change CX?
  • Understanding the power of digital signature.
  • Top 5 imperatives for e-signature software buyers.


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