Legal Services

Agreements are a key function in the legal system. However, with manual processes, the time taken to manage and execute agreements is exceptionally long. Use Certinal eSign to accelerate agreement cycle-time and reduce costs.

Some Legal Services Challenges

Lengthy documents


High turnaround time

High turnaround

Cumbersome Document Verification

Document Verification


How We Help

Tamper Evidence for Non-Repudiation of PDF documents

Tamper Evidence

Certinal uses country specific compliant accredited organization e.g. Australia Gatekeeper PKI-compliant accredited organization issued document signing certificate, for tamper evidence for non-repudiation of the PDF document.
Get signatures faster

Get signatures faster

Certinal eSign supports multiple file formats and bulk upload. Upload a document and send it for signatures. Your recipients will be notified via email. They can click and sign the document from the email itself.
Reduce Risks

Reduce Risks

Certinal eSign provides cognitive assistance by showing key highlights and risk areas in documents. With auto-summarization you can also be sure that you have not missed any critical information contained in the documents.

Why Certinal eSign?

AI Legacy


Seamless signing experience

signing experience

Compliant solution


Learn how Certinal eSign can
help you achieve compliance


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