Digital transformations kick-started in high gear two years back. Businesses re-imagined digital interactions and leaders embarked on the transformation of the existing models. More than ever, organizations are focusing on optimizing and strengthening their business processes with digital transformation at the core. This hawk-like focus has led to an increase in the share of digital and digitally-enabled products. According to McKinsey, the share of digitally-driven products in the total portfolio accelerated by an astounding seven years.

In this new world, the different facets of our physical and digital lives have become intertwined. The manner in which document signing, identification, and verification takes place in the digital world signifies one thing – digital trust. Digital document signing reflects the rate and degree of digital adoption. It also creates an immanent trust in the business process, while providing a fool-proof security cover.

Acting as an electronic fingerprint, digital signatures provide the highest level of security by associating the signer with a universally accepted protocol, inspiring trust in digital signing.



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