Over the past couple of years, a lot of progress has been made in deploying CLM and gaining efficiencies. In the recent industry survey, we found that the proportion of procurement organizations with some form of contract management solution stood at 63% in 2021. A contract management solution helps businesses centralize contract storage, track contract utilization & compliance, mitigate contract risks, and reduce contract creation cycle time. But is it enough to automate the contracting process? 

This white paper focuses on the latter. It serves as a guide for businesses looking at contract automation and combining it with an e-signature solution to achieve greater synergies.

In this guide you will learn: -

  • How contracting challenges meet digital solutions
  • Driving collaboration through contract management
  • The need of the hour - Getting the right solution
  • Reaping the desired results - Combining the synergies of electronic signatures and automated contracting
  • Benefits of using electronic signatures to sign contracts


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