Human Resources
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Human Resources

When the Human Resources department spends most of its time managing documents related to the employees, it falls short of the time required to train and develop talent. Successful Human Resource departments focus their efforts on talent development by automating document management.

Some Human Resources Challenges

Document Management


Poor Visibility


Cumbersome Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows


How We Help

Robust Integration

Robust Integration

Well-integrated with Zycus CLM to automate contract management. Now users can seamlessly use standard templates or create contracts, store contracts in a central repository with a 360-degree view and send documents for electronic signatures. Automating the agreement workflow increases efficiency, speed and reduces costs.
Asset Tracking

Automate and track

The comprehensive dashboard is a one-stop-shop for tracking the status of your documents, creating templates, and sending a document for signatures. Certinal eSign also captures detailed audit trails of recipient activity.
Reduce Risks

Cloud Signature

Certinal eSign offers cloud-based and mobile supported digital signatures compliant to the Cloud Signature Consortium. Certinal eSign uses CSC API to connect with TSP (Trust Service Providers) as their base solution. These TSPs provide end user's digital identities by issuing them the digital certificate.

Why Certinal eSign?

AI Legacy


Seamless signing experience

signing experience

Compliant solution


Learn how Certinal eSign can
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