AI-Powered Features Enable You to Review, Verify and Sign-on-the-Go

Feature Highlights

Comprehensive Audit Reports for Non-Repudiation

Comprehensive Audit Reports for Non-Repudiation

Certinal eSign captures detailed audit trail of all fields including data fields, attachment, notes, assignment to each recipient, optional or mandatory values entered, cancel, declining reason, and date/time of the recipient activity.
Robust Integration Capabilities

Robust Integration

Robust and easy-to-use API integrations with Salesforce, and other enterprise systems. Out-of-the-box integration and rapid innovation cycle with Zycus CLM and Request Management, and other suite products
Tamper Evidence for Non-Repudiation of PDF documents

Tamper Evidence for

Certinal eSign uses country-specific compliant accredited organization e.g. Australia Gatekeeper PKI compliant accredited organization issued document signing certificate, for tamper evidence for non-repudiation of the PDF document.

Detailed Feature List

Detailed Feature List
  • Modify current and future recipients by the sender
  • 100 MB document support per transaction
  • Bulk signing and approval with bulk consent
  • Witness eSigning via audio/video conference process
  • AI-powered auto-summarization of contracts
  • Smart assistance to authors by prediction of signature name, date, and signature fields
  • Contract key highlights cognitive assistance to signers
  • Sign offline and upload scan copy of the wet signed document with optional configurable document validation workflow
  • Free access to external users for record retention
  • Customer logo and branding

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