Customer /
Technical Support

Customer / Technical Support
Many times Support teams have to rely on the manual methods of rolling out forms and getting signatures. This increases the time and effort on their part on each service request. Certinal eSign empowers Support teams to electronically send documents, get signatures and improve the customer experience.

Some Challenges

Manual Data Entr

Data Entry

Getting Customer Signatures for Account Changes

Getting Customer Signatures
for Account Changes

Cumbersome Document Verification

Approval Workflows


How We Help

Seamless Experience

Seamless Experience

The comprehensive dashboard allows reps to manage and track contracts, sign documents and create templates from a single window.
Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced Compliance

Store signed documents and detailed audit trails of all fields including data fields, attachments, notes, assignment to each recipient, optional, mandatory values entered, and date/time of recipient activity.
Seamless Authentication

Smooth Authentication

Disintegrated authentication methods are cumbersome. Certinal eSign provides multiple authentication methods and a smooth experience at the same time.

Why Certinal eSign?

AI Legacy


Seamless signing experience

signing experience

Compliant solution



Learn how Certinal eSign can
help you achieve compliance


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