and Recruiting

Staffing and Recruiting
Certinal eSign helps you reduce the turnaround time for documents and eliminates costs associated with paperwork. Enhance the experience for your candidates by streamlining your business processes while also making a positive impact on the environment.

Some Staffing and Recruiting Challenges

High Administrative Costs

Administrative Costs

Information Security


Cumbersome Document Verification

Document Verification


How We Help

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Get rid of paper and administrative costs associated with fax, posts, couriers, and print-outs by managing all your documents from a single window. Create templates, track documents and send for signatures from a single window.
Witness Signing

Witness Signing

You can now get documents signed in the presence of witnesses who can also attest to the fact that they have witnessed the signing of documents. Signers sign in the presence of a third-party non-integrated AV conference.
Seamless Authentication

Seamless Authentication

Disintegrated authentication methods are cumbersome and frustrate your customers while a one size fits all policy increases authentication time even for low-value transactions. 

Why Certinal eSign?

AI Legacy


Seamless signing experience

signing experience

Compliant solution



Learn how Certinal eSign can
help you achieve compliance


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